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10 Essential Skills Needed to Become a Cabin Crew Member

You have always thought about it, Cabin Crew. You have seen them whether it be in the airport walking through terminals so effortlessly, perfectly groomed (most of the time) or on board where they take care of your safety, your experience and your comfort. However, it doesn’t even begin there behind the scenes they have

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Your job may not be that job! Navigating the maze of recruitment.

In previous posts we have spoken about the skills required such as research, courses (Commercial 2 Corporate……shameless plug) and the soft skills required, you have now ticked the boxes all that’s left is to secure that job. I think the first thing that we need to realise is that the first interview may not be

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Importance of Food and Plating

Let’s face it the majority of us are in no way a Chef even a Cook, however the level of food and plating we are required to serve requires some extra special attention and another level of attention to detail. Think Caviar and Foie Gras, intricate plating with tweezers and syringes, smears and dots. A

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