How to become a corporate flight attendant (A step by step guide)

It’s your time, whether the pandemic has shifted your life like it has for most in our industry our you have seen the current growth of the business aviation industry or you simply want to transition from your current position. Where do you start? It’s a bit of a who what when where why situation lets go through it together let us give you the commercial2corporate step by step guide to become a Corporate Flight Attendant!


Where do you want to work? Where are you eligible to work? Doing your research before you start will help you set realistic goals. Not everyone can work everywhere and not everywhere is the industry thriving however in a lot of places it is……… Research will also help you be prepared and confident for interview processes and also how the industry works, it is a sector of the aviation industry, but it operates very differently from the commercial side you need to be knowledgeable to even get a foot in the door so RESEARCH!


What training do you already have? Is there further training you require what can you add to you C.V that will make you stand out we strongly encourage further training, and the options are endless at the moment especially when transitioning from the commercial aviation industry. At commercial2corporate that is what we do we set you up for success from food & wine to virtual interview sessions all of this training is essential.

3. C.V

It is time to gather your current experience and consolidate what is relevant and express your talents on paper. This needs to be projected accurately and concisely through your C.V. seeking professional advice for your C.V can put you above the rest. These days a lot of companies use software to sort through thousands of documents, these programs look for key words that are relevant to the role and having a professional service to help can fit you to the job you are after.


The corporate aviation industry is one that still requires photographs we cannot express enough that these need to be professional. In an age of Social Media, we still see ‘insta shots’ and ‘selfies’ these are just unacceptable. The right set of photos which include a headshot and full-length shot may be the first thing a recruiter sees and can influence where your C.V end up in the pile. Keep it classy, no glamour shots and the right attire you are not competing for a modelling job you are competing for a Professional role in Corporate Aviation.


Time to tidy them up, ohhh the internet has blessed us with everything at our fingertips instantly including your life you may not even realise what is out there. Take some time to tighten them up and direct them towards what you are aiming for. Keep your personal life personal and your professional life professional. Make sure platforms such as linkdin tie up with your C.V.

Luckily for you this is our job we have done all the leg work to help you start your journey to become a Corporate Flight Attendant we cover all of the above and more. Our professional network has over 20 years of experience in both Commercial and Corporate Aviation. We can help you from the day you think about the transition to the interview day we guide you through the processes and the industry itself

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