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Cristina, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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I`m so satisfied with the Advanced VIP Flight Attendant Introduction Online Course. The course is interactive, easy to comprehend and full of insights and information about the private aviation sector. I would recommend anybody who is looking to enhance their knowledge about private aviation to choose this program as it has an indisputable value. VIP Jet Cabin Service is the key module in the program, which will give you an indepth understanding about the service onboard a Private Jet Aircraft. Thanks to the fact that I chose the Advanced Program I got the chance to be coached by Richard, who has a vast experience in private aviation, including recruiting for the most prestigious private jet airlines. His professionalism and in the same time cordiality, made me so enthusiastic and so much more confident about the corporate aviation.
Ciemuna, Scotland, UK
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I first heard of C2C from a friend that was looking to transition from commercial into the corporate world. I absolutely loved the course and I felt very supported during and after the whole process. I signed on to do some introductory E-Learnings including: Introduction to Corporate Aircrafts, the CFA role, Catering and the CFA Interview Procedure. I gained so much insight into the role and the job in general which is very difficult to find elsewhere. James shares a lot of tips and tricks of the trade and for me personally, it was so helpful to see how catering orders are made - something I have had 0 experience in doing. You also get a certificate of completion for each course you complete which looks fantastic on your LinkedIn 🙌 Highly recommended and great value for the knowledge you gain
Micia, Dubai, UAE
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A big thank you to Jen who spent her day going through the c2c course with me! The course was very informative and answered my questions about corporate flying! Jen was lovely and shared her experiences of working on a private jet! I learned a lot in a short time and have been given help with my CV as well as advice on what to do next! Thank you this gave me a really good insight
Caoil, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Great day, good insight into the world of corporate flying. Definitely would recommend this course to others if they are thinking of transitioning for commercial to corporate flying. Trainers have lots of knowledge, experience and are open to any questions or concerns you have. Really enjoyed it, thank you.
Natalie, Dubai, UAE
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Brilliant course well run with a fantastic trainer, with genuine first-hand, experience! I highly recommend this course, if you are genuine about a career in corporate take the first step to ensure you stand out from your competition. After failed interviews and applications thinking I could do it on my own I now feel confident to pursue my dreams. Thank you for a lovely and informative day!
Liudmyla, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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A very useful course for those who want to learn and understand what corporate flights are, to clarify for themselves the key points that will guide you and help you to make a right decision. Thanks to the amazing team for their excellent work and warmest atmosphere.
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