Myths about flower arranging onboard

Corporate flight attendants are a crucial part of the aviation industry. They are responsible for ensuring the comfort of high-profile clients on private jets. While many myths surround the role of corporate flight attendants, of of the most persistent is that they create flower displays onboard before a flight. In this blog post, we will explore why this is a myth.

The idea that corporate flight attendants create flower displays onboard before a flight may have arisen due to the luxurious nature of private jet travel and the displays often seen onboard with social media pictures from the likes of Instagram. Private jet owners and their guests expect the highest level of service, which often includes personalised touches and attention to detail. Flower arrangements are a common way to add a tough of elegance to any event or occasion, and private jet travel is no exception. However, this does not mean that corporate flight attendants are responsible for creating flower displays onboard.

Corporate flight attendants are also responsible for providing a high level of customer service. They are trained to anticipate the needs of their clients and provide personalised service such as meal preparation, wine and drinks serve, and ensuring the aircraft is well stocked and cleaned to a high standard. However, creating flower arrangements is not typically a part of their job description.

Furthermore, the logistics of creating flower displays onboard a private jet is not practical due to time and space constraints.

Additionally, many corporate flight attendants go to professional florists to create arrangements before the flight or arrange through their catering companies. This ensures that the arrangements meet their specific preferences and requirements.

The myth that corporate flight attendants create flower displays onboard before a flight is just that, a myth. Creating flower arrangements onboard is not a part of their job description, and the logistics of doing so could be impractical. It is not saying it isn’t done or cannot be done, some crew do make very simple and non-time-consuming arrangements and enjoy dong so. They could also be under budget constraints. This might be done the day before or the morning of the flight.

In conclusion, corporate flight attendants have a demanding and challenging job that requires extensive training and expertise. While they may be responsible for providing personalised services to clients, creating flower displays onboard before a flight is not typically a part of their job description. t is essential to dispel such myths and misconceptions and recognise the critical role that corporate flight attendants play in the aviation industry and to there owners and clients.

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