Cabin Crew Training for Private jets – What you need to know

We are always being asked as private jet cabin crew, what training do I need to get to work on private jets, do I need to know someone in the industry to get started, the answer is NO.

Most corporate cabin crew have come from commercial airlines around the world, some others have been Mega yacht stewards/stewardesses or even butlers running large private households.

Having commercial flying experience is always highly desirable, and experience in working in First Class and Business Class, as cabin crew is your best advantage, as this is where you will have been taught how to interact with these guests and the different types of service that they require, from simple to the full silver service.

Flying on a corporate jet is altogether a different ballgame and the types of service that you will encounter will vary immensely, from serving pizza to fine dining with the many types of guests that you will encounter.

So how can you enhance your training to appeal to private jet operators, it is quite simple really and making yourself stand out from just commercial cabin crew is the key.

Search around for training companies that will give you knowledge about being cabin crew on a private jet, do your research as expensive ones are not always the best, search what they offer you and what is their percentage of cabin crew that have taken their course that have progressed to working on a private jet.

The job of cabin crew on a private jet is about providing catering and service to their guests, giving them the wow factor and knowing their product, by having a large knowledge about different types of catering is a distinct advantage and having a passion for it goes along way, look at investing in plating courses is a big plus.

Most cabin crew on private jets have also invested in further learning through wine courses, we highly recommend WSET courses that will enhance your knowledge about different types of wine and food pairing, this can go a long way in providing that extra wow factor to your guests of your knowledge.

As catering plays a large part of being cabin crew on a private jet, we should also have done food, health hygiene training as well, this can mainly be done online with lots of different companies offering these services.

Safety equipment training is usually done by the company that you would be employed by, most companies in Europe for instance would run yearly inhouse training with other crew from your company.

The EASA Cabin Crew Attestation is not generally required, however some companies are now requiring this as standard for applying for positions, this attestation is valid for 5 years from your last training.  There are many companies in Europe offering this type of training and is easily accessible.

In the USA this is entirely different as flight departments have set a benchmark and would require you to have attended Flight Safety or AirCare Facts for your training which they would pay for, however if you are a freelancer then you would need to have done this training yourself to be accepted for freelance trips.The more different types of training that you have on your CV/Resume is what will attract future employers.  Be the one that stands out from the rest, be in the top 10 of candidates.

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