In the Bag………..What is in the Cabin Bag of a Corporate Flight Attendant?

You’re just starting out putting a kit together, keeping in mind the fact that a 24-hour trip could turn into a couple of weeks you’ve packed your big case with the right outfits etc for what you think is happening, but today we are going to look at what’s in the cabin bag of a corporate flight attendant. As Cabin crew you start to realise quickly what you need and don’t need a lot of the time, we start out our cabin crew journey with everything you will never use and that is just unnecessary space and weight used. You want your day to be enjoyable and comfortable so this one is about you as it could be a long one, we’ve asked those in the industry what’s in the bag, here is what they told us.

1. Documents, this was the number 1 answer the most important because you can’t go anywhere without them. You not having your documents, flying licences passports etc makes you illegal to fly and you not being able to fly on the day can have a huge impact on the operation unlike commercial cabin crew there most likely won’t be anybody on standby imagine losing a contract because you left your passport at home or worse your job.

2. Technology, crew told us that this is something they always have extra of, chargers adaptors and cords have a set especially for your job and travel especially if you’re in a hurry there is nothing worse than getting to work only to realise that you’ve left your charger on your night stand and now your phone is dead, how will you follow up on that catering order when things didn’t arrive or check your Instagram when you land ; )

3. Uniform, obviously you will be arriving to work in uniform however you have a 12+ hour day ahead of you and ladies don’t we all know heels are not designed for that get yourself some good quality cabin shoes. Always always have some spare hosiery in there for some reason there is always something on that plane you always catch and lose a pair. Rest in Peace to all the stockings we have lost to a piece of Velcro.

4. Skincare, Ohhhh the dehydration as well as drinking enough water to subside the effects of a pressurised cabin it is a great idea to keep a little LAGS approved sized skincare kit when we asked some current corporate flight attendants they let us into theirs, a quality moisturising mist a great Chapstick and some skincare wipes to refresh in the air you not only have to keep well-groomed but take care of your bodies largest organ that cabin s a harsh environment so look at it as an investment.

5. Pharmacy, absolutely nothing worse than mid-flight and you’re coming down with something or just aches and pains that are apart of life ladies you get me! Have yourself a little stash of everyday meds top suggestions from the crew were and everyday pain killer for when you clients give you a genuine headache, plasters or band aids depending on where in the world you’re reading this, some refreshing eyedrops, some rehydration tablets or sachets and something to settle the stomach when you decided it was a great idea to try that local delicacy on the layover.

So, there you have it some real-life tips from some real-life Flight Attendants who are right now at 40000 feet reaching for that hydration mist. Be prepared to start your Corporate Cabin Crew journey with Commercial2Corprate.

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