Your job may not be that job! Navigating the maze of recruitment.

In previous posts we have spoken about the skills required such as research, courses (Commercial 2 Corporate……shameless plug) and the soft skills required, you have now ticked the boxes all that’s left is to secure that job.

I think the first thing that we need to realise is that the first interview may not be the first job or the second third or fourth and that rejection can sometimes give your confidence a little bit of a hit. What we have to understand about corporate aviation is that it can be very fickle, if you didn’t get the job even after the phone, zoom, in-person interview 1&2, a trial flight then another meeting it does not mean you are not a great flight attendant, it just simply may not be the right fit. 

Things tend to be very fluid within corporate aviation if the owner simply decides that they would like a 36-year-old EU passport holder and not a 28-year-old that is their prerogative, also things pick up and slow down over night especially given we are still…………. Yes, still in the midst of a pandemic. What can be said there is that your name may sit at the top of the pile for quite some time until you are required. So be ready for that call always, but never ever rely on it!

Firstly, if you continually are applying and not even getting a response it may be time to call in some help and have your CV looked at by some professionals, a lot of recruiters tend to use software now days that will pick up key words directly related to job advertisements. Also, not all of us are wizards on the keyboard so you may just need some polishing on paper.

We have been asked before “well should I bother going to that interview?” And what do we say YES! The best practice interviews you can have is a real interview! You can only google so many questions only to crumble on the spot, an interview is a stressful scenario and probably the hardest part of the recruitment process for the candidate.

Interview Day! Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance, this covers absolutely every aspect of the day and well frankly life. Have everything in order the day before all of your paperwork extra CV’s certificates, copies of personal documents, have your interview attire pressed and ready to go, allow yourself plenty of time to arrive sit and go over everything before you walk into the room. The actual interview part well we have resources for that with our one-to-one interview coaching which will give you real interview coaching with a real recruiter in the industry.

Now the patients comes in to play it may take months to get a response or you could be in a trial flight the next day the recruitment process tends to not be as structured as commercial aviation due to the fact that a lot of the time they are looking for a small amount of crew or even one as opposed to commercial recruitment drives that attract and require large volumes of crew. Also, as we mentioned earlier be prepared to meet multiple times with different people the first stage may be a vetting process until you actually sit with an owner or CEO who simply does not have the time to filter talent.

What we do ask from you is to not give up, Yes there are people in this world who get lucky, and the first application is the first job but that we can tell you is a rarity. Don’t be disheartened by rejection and DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY! Keep applying and always remember every day is a school day so never stop learning, and that again is where we come in seeing as you are here visit our courses tab and book! Start your journey.

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