Empowerment Session

2,499.00 $

Session: Empowerment Session online with our industry experts. 6 weeks 2 hours per week.

Who should attend? For anyone looking to move into Business Aviation will benefit from this comprehensive programme. Designed to provide valuable in-depth skill development, it covers all areas of corporate aviation.

Why should you attend?  You can get direct access to industry experts, personalise and customise your learning experience. The programme is time manageable and flexible, focalising on your individual wants and needs, with skills that can be instantly applied.

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Terms and conditions:

  • Please note that the standard cut-off for registration is 3 days before the session date.
  • Time is limited to 6 weeks 2 hours per week.
  • Sessions worked out between both trainer flying schedules and trainee schedules
  • Cancellation must be made 7 days prior to the first session date.
  • No refunds of  the course will be availed if any cancellations of coaching occur under 7 days prior to the first session.
  • Amendments of subsequent coaching sessions must be advised 48 hours before the session date to the following email address: coaching@c2ccrew.com or directly with your assigned trainer.

Please check your junk / spam folder if you have not received any emails when booking.

Learn from industry experts currently in the role and flying within corporate aviation. Their valuable experience will enhance your skills and knowledge to help you kick start your career in corporate aviation.




5 eLearning courses comprising of the following.

Week 1 Corporate Flight Attendant Role part 1

Week 2 Corporate Flight Attendant Role part 2

Week 3 Introduction to Corporate Aircraft

Week 4 Catering a VIP Aircraft

Week 5 Silver Service

Week 6 The CFA Interview Process

Learn about such subjects as interviews for Vista Jet

Gaining the knowledge and the confidence of the role of a corporate flight attendant and associated duties.


James has dedicated his career to the Aviation Industry with roles including VVIP & Corporate Senior Flight Attendant and ISP Trainer to Onboard Training, Coaching and Aircraft Set Up and Design.
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