Cabin Crew Recruitment

Experience can be found in all areas of the aviation market however the ability to source and select excellence that is required in Corporate aviation is where C2C can align talent to specific roles and requirements. With a global network of preferred talent acquisition partners the selection process is streamlined and efficient. At all times `C2C focuses on the specific requirements to suit the customers needs.

The services that C2C provides is additionally suited to those looking to career enhancement and provides the ability to place crew into positions that best suit their experience and capabilities whilst allowing further development.

The specific requirements for a role are discussed and C2C will only proceed once this aspect has been fully understood. The importance to select and propose suitable candidates and the ability to provide excellence at short notice singles out C2C as a preferred choice for many Corporate and VIP clients.

Understanding of the need for cultural sensitivities and confidentiality requirements ensure that only the most suitable candidates are chosen for final interview.

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