UK C2C Essentials Course

James Macleod

Course Duration

2 - Days

Course Dates

  • 29Apr
  • 28May
  • 24Sep

Course Price

3,500.00 AED 2,500.00 AED price_excluding_tax


Who should attend:-  Are you First or Business Class Cabin Crew or Ex Cabin Crew

This course is run in the Gatwick Area, and is our 2 Day VIP Cabin Crew Course.  The course price is AED and equivalent to £550.00 (exchange rates may vary).

The ability to transition to the corporate aviation sector requires the enhancement and refining of existing skill sets and the development of core competencies required in this specialized industry. The rewards and the satisfaction are a reason why the course is vital to achieving these goals.

It enables you to take the next step in your career, to assist you into a more personalized environment, and to give an insight into the life of corporate flying. This two-day interactive course will establish the differences between commercial and corporate aviation, whilst giving you the tools, confidence and knowledge to be able to undertake the role and seek positions within the corporate markets.

This course is held in Lingfield near Gatwick at a 4* Hotel training room and is very in-depth

Refreshments provided

Timings 0845 to 1630

Certificate of Attendance.

Run by Corporate Flight Attendants and Trainers


Expected outcomes

  • Understanding & expectations of job role
  • Insight into SOP and the similarities to commercial flying
  • Knowing how to create the right on board experience
  • Creating and leaving the right impression
  • Exceeding client’s expectations
  • Understanding cultural differences,
  • VIP etiquette and social media protocol
  • Insight into tasks pre, during and post flight

Course Objective

As a result of attending this workshop you will be able to seamlessly make the transition from commercial to corporate aircrew with understanding and confidence. Placing you in a position to take the step into this exciting world of corporate aviation.

Key topics

    • Day 1
    • Role differences between Commercial & Corporate flying
    • A Day in the Life of a Corporate Flight Attendant
    • The Benefits of Corporate Flying
    • Fixed Based Operators
    • Pre Flight Duties
    • Aircraft Types, Cabins & Galleys
    • Private Owner or Charter
    • UHNW’s, VIP’s  & Heads of State
    • Corporate Flight Attendant Competencies
    • Theory of Expectations
    • Personal Branding
    • Decision Making
    • Interacting
    • VIP Profiling
    • Flight Deck Duties
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Cultural Differences
    • Most Luxurious Jets
    • Day 2
    • Professional Photographs
    • Aircraft Technology
    • Cold Weather Operations
    • Aircraft Catering
    • Catering from a Hotel
    • Creating a Menu
    • Catering Ordering Practical
    • Managing Aircraft Equipment & Stock
    • Aircraft Cleaning
    • Cabin Preparation
    • Large Aircraft Trolley Service
    • Caviar Service
    • Balik Salmon Service
    • Plating
    • After Flight Duties
    • Child Care On-board
    • Pets On-board
    • Crew Handovers
    • CV Presentation
    • Interview Techniques